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Fallen Heroes of the Korean War

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Thomas Edward Cross Pvt. 9th Inf. 2nd Div. U.S. Army Korea

6/10/1933 – 9/18/1951

Space 2 Lot 98 Rose Garden

Pvt. Cross, age 18, was killed in action by mortar fire at “Heartbreak Ridge” Korea. He was killed 5 days after he went to the front with the 9th Infantry 2nd Division. Service # RA18400477.

Johnny Boyd Evans

Pvt. 17th Inf. 7th Inf. Div. U.S. Army Korea

5/7/1929 – 4/16/1952

Space 3 Lot 74 The Gospels

Pvt. Evans, age 22, was a member of Co. I, 3rd Battalion, 17th Inf. Regt. 7th Infantry Div. He was a paratrooper. He died while on a training exercise in Hwanchon, North Korea. Buried 6/16/1952. Service # US54053772.

Thomas B. Evans, Jr.

A/1C  6164th Tac. Con. Sq AAF Korea

7/21/1931 – 6/17/1951

Space 3 Lot 109 Rose Garden

Airman First Class Evans, age 19, was a member of the 6164th Tactical Control Squadron, U.S. Air Force. He was taken prisoner of war while directing friendly aircraft north east of Wonju, South Korea. He died of Beriberi disease while a prisoner of war. Service # AF25916426

James Arthur Gresham

Pfc.  7th Cav. Inf. 1st Cav. Div. Korea – PH

11/3/1929 – 10/4/1951

Space 7 Lot 81 Spring Song

Pfc. Gresham, age 21, was killed in action while fighting the enemy in North Korea. He had been in the Army for 3 years and in Korea for 2 months when he was killed. He was with Co. K 7th Calvary Regt., 1st Division. Service # US18334980.

Wm. A. Hubert

Pvt. Co. G  5th Marine Regt. 1st Marine Div. Korea PH

10/14/1933 – 10/22/1952

Space 3Lot 230 A Garden of the Good Shepard

Pvt. Hubert, age 19, was killed in action while fighting the enemy in Korea. Service # 1275486

Jerry Jackson, Jr.

1st Lt. 7th Inf. 3rd Inf. Div. Korea – PH

11/19/1929 – 4/17/1953

Space 4 Lot 319 Garden of Christus

Lt. Jackson, age 23, was killed in action in South Korea. Service # O-1915378.

Alva Ray Masters

Pvt. 23rd Inf. 2nd Div. Korea

9/27/1929 – 4/8/1951

Space 2 Lot 217 Gardenia Section

Pvt. Masters, age 21, was killed in action while fighting the enemy in South Korea. Service # RA18338782.

Patrick O. Parrish

Cpl. Co. A 11th Marines Div. 1st Marine Div. Korea PH

3/17/1931 – 12/4/1950

Space 3Lot 33 Bluebonnet Garden

Cpl. Parrish, age 19, was killed in action in Korea, near the Chosin Reservoir battle zone. Service # 658878.

Wm. Plott, Jr.

Cpl. Co. I 32nd Inf. 7th Inf. Div. Korea

1/30/1926 – 6/13/1951

Space 20 Lot 64 Spring Song

Cpl. Plott, age 25, was seriously wounded while fighting the enemy in South Korea on June 2, 1951. He died of those wounds on June 13, 1951. Service # ER38685434.

Bobby Lee Sexton

7th Inf. Div. 13th Eng. BN. Korea

6/28/1930 – 3/11/1951

Space 7 Lot 144 Vale of Hope

Pvt. Sexton, age 20, was killed in action in Korea, in the battle zone Operation Ripper. He was in Company B, 13th Engineer Combat Battalion, 7th Infantry Division. Service # RA18297611

Robert Leslie Smith

1st Lieutenant USAF Korea

1923 – 12/14/1951

Space?Lot? Memorial Stone Only

Lt. Robert Leslie Smith was born August 12, 1923 in Big Spring, TX. He was a pilot with the 39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron and flew a RF-51D Mustang Fighter Bomber. On December 14, 1951, while on a combat mission, his aircraft received a direct hit by anti-aircraft fire. Oil splattered on his windshield and he jettisoned his canopy. He was not able to eject before his aircraft crashed and burned. His remains were never recovered. Service #A0806537

Lloyd L. Sutton

MSgt. 35th Inf. 25th Inf. Div. WW II, Korea

11/27/1920 – 8/19/1950

Space 1 Lot 241 The Gospels

MSgt. Sutton was a seven year army veteran. He fought in Germany in WW II. He was sent to Japan in December 1949. Sgt. Sutton was killed in action while fighting the enemy in South Korea in the Pusan Perimeter – Southwest.

Service # RA38683497.

Biviano Trujillo, Jr.

Pfc. 2nd Engineer Bn. 2nd Infantry Div. Korea

10/11/1926 – 12/1/1950

Section 29 Space 3 Lot 58 Memorial Lawn

Pfc. Trujillio, age 23, was killed in action while fighting the enemy in Kunu-ri, North Korea, near the Chongchon River. He was also a veteran of WWII. Service # ER38645187.

Joe Charles Walker

Pvt. 29th Inf. Korea

4/22/1933 – 8/2/1950

Space 4 Lot 119 A Garden of St. Joseph

Pvt. Walker, age 17, was killed in action in Korea near the Pusan Perimeter – Southwest. Service # RA25913767.

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