Community Engagement

Roll Call put together a special WWII Panel for the Tarrant County Veterans Treatment Court, the Honorable Judge Brent Carr presiding. The veteran participants heard stories of triumph and courage.

The panel consisted of 94 yr. old JAMES MASON, US Army Omaha Beach/D-Day survivor, Battle of the Bulge and German POW, Battle of Rhine; LEE WREYFORD, age 91, US Navy USS Haskell, Coxswain on a Command Landing Craft in the South Pacific, DON GRAVES, age 92, USMC, 5th Marines Div., Iwo Jima flamethrower, and SHELBY “PETE” GOODWIN, age 99, US Army Air Corps B-17 Flight Engineer, 423rd Bomb Squadron, 306th Bomb Group flew 32 missions in Europe.

These heroes shared their stories about the horror and tragedy of war, but also how they overcame “shell shock” and readjusted to civilian life. They are an inspiration to all. They remind us to be grateful, to have perspective and to be hopeful when times are tough.

WWII Panel

WWII Panel

Roll Call has several amazing veterans that go out into the community and share their service stories, encourage our young people, and remind us about the ideals and values for which they fought so hard and for those that lost their lives.

Paul Swartz, a U.S. Army veteran, arranges speaking engagements in the community with two Iwo Jima survivors, Marines, Don Graves and Bill Schott.

Roll Call Board members also conduct presentations to groups, organizations and associations in the community. Board President Kelli Martin conducted a presentation at the U.S. Army Reserve Center in Fort Worth and brought a WWII Veteran, James Mason who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day June 6, 1944.



Roll Call is committed to educating and engaging the community regarding veterans, especially working with local schools. Roll Call works with schools all over the region to help coordinate special programs, assemblies, and educational opportunities between students and veterans. In November, 2017 Roll Call worked with Wayside Middle School in Saginaw, TX to make their Veterans Day program very special.

We sent Lt. Fiske Hanley, age 97, a B-29 Flight Engineer during WWII who was shot down over Japan and captured by the ruthless Kempei Tai. Mr. Hanley was a POW for 6 months until the end of WWII. He went in to the prison camp weighing 160 lbs. and came out weighing 70 lbs. (Pictured in the Green Army Air Corps Uniform). We also sent out two other fantastic veterans, Jim Bressert, age 86, who was in the US Navy from 1950 to 1970 and fought in the Korean War.

Roll Call member Bill Schott, USMC is an Iwo Jima survivor who also attended the Veterans Day Program at Wayside.